Reader: Jerry Garcia mural no trade for Johnny Cash

Denver lost two institutions last week: Bender's went dark after an eight-year run -- Quixote's True Blue is moving into the space -- and the mural of Johnny Cash that graced the side of the building, painted by Tommy Nahulu, is also history. Johnny is being replaced by Jerry Garcia, and that mural should be finished by the time Quixote's opens in its new home on Thursday.

In the meantime, though, some people are not grateful for the switch. See also: - Quixotes True Blue: Jerry relieves Johnny of his duties watching over 314 East 13th Avenue - Reader: The paint job on Pasquini's looks like a six-year-old did it - Unseen Denver: Fifteen photos of secret Mile High street art

Says CaptainLemming:

It's a terrible injustice to Tommy's Cash mural, but even worse, it looks like someone painted Beethoven with a beard and sunglasses.

Even worse, as it was just pointed out to me, the 'artist' simply used Johnny Cash's head. The eyes, forehead, and brow are from the original. Pathetic.

Will you miss Johnny Cash? What are your least-favorite murals in Denver? Make your nominations below.

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