Reader: Movie-goers can be rude and disgusting

The Aurora Century 16 will reopen tomorrow, less than six months after the July 20 shooting left twelve dead and dozens injured. Cinemark, which owns the theater, put up a Facebook poll to ask people whether the site of the tragedy should be reopened, 70 percent of those who responded reportedly said yes. But that doesn't mean those people will go to the theater.

And there are more mundane hazards to movie-going, one reader says. See also: -"Newton discusses future of Sandy Hook, while Aurora Century 16 prepares to reopen"

Says Lisa:

Last time I went to the movies, a pack of fools showed up late, sat down right behind me, and opened up their big Family Sized bags of Doritos and started chompin away...It was rude and disgusting....

Will you go to the Aurora Century 16 after it opens? Do you still go to the movies at all? Why...or why not?

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