Reader: There is nothing wrong with letting your freak flag with dreads

Just as white stars occasionally show up sporting dreads, like Crystal Bowersox at the 2011 Grammys, our post on

white people with dreads

keeps popping up, with yet another group googling it during last night's awards ceremony.

The hairdo is woven into the histories of many cultures, notes one of the latest to comment.

Says Phunkybrewster:

This article is supposed to be funny, folks. Pure silliness to get heated, IMO.

I am Pacific Islander/Caucasian, and I've had natural dreads for over 14 years. Many islander have had dreads throughout history, especially Indonesians. Celts and Nordiks had dreads, Africans has dreads, CAVEMEN had dreads. NO ONE single ethnicity can claim that "dreads" belong to their heritage, as dreads have existed in MANY cultures since humans walked the Earth. It is a natural phenomon with hair...don't comb it, it will lock up (period).

Relax everyone...there is nothing wrong with wanting to let your freak flag fly. Be who you want to be. Why criticize and try to own something that doesn't really make a difference. If you feel people might be "robbing" your culture, maybe you should take pride in the fact that your culture is appreciated and that some find beauty in it. It's easy that way. Smile, for God's sake.

Live, love, appreciate.


Anyone else want to split hairs on this 'do? Add a comment to the hundreds already posted here.

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