Resolutions for 2013: Making movies, making records, cooking...and finishing projects

For our New Year's guide that was inserted in the issue of December 13, we asked thirteen of the town's cultural tastemakers several questions -- and the answers were entertaining, informative and, in many cases, enlightening. Although we posted their individual Q&As on Show and Tell last month, we're doing another round here, this time highlighting some of their resolutions for 2013. See also: - Lucky '13: Comedian and Fine Gentleman Sam Tallent - Lucky '13: Musician and DIY venue operator Gregg Ziemba - Lucky '13; Stand-up comedian Heather Snow - Lucky '13: Keith Garcia, programming manager for Sie FilmCenter Sam Tallent, comedian, The Fine Gentleman's Club I quit smoking and drinking this year, so I'm definitely not going to smoke cigarettes anymore. That's a big thing. I don't know; I just have more goals and stuff. I'm gonna tour behind the album a whole bunch, and I want to cook a lot more. That's a big resolution as well -- cook more. Try not to smoke weed before noon, and put out two more albums, travel behind this album, that type of nonsense. But definitely the weed and the cooking. I love to cook, and I'm good at it, dammit. You heard it here first. Heather Snow, comedian

Execution of ideas -- I'm great at starting projects, terrible at seeing them through. I'm excited about the opportunities that I'm being given, and I want to make sure that I'm setting myself and those involved on these projects up for success. But shhh.... (these projects) are secret.

Gregg Ziemba, musician and DIY venue operator

I want to keep working really, really hard. We're (Rubedo) going to record a new album in January in Long Beach. We're going to work with (producer) "Ikey" Owens again, and Crystal Antlers is letting us use their studio. It is a really cool studio, tons of vintage gear -- we visited it in October when we were out there on tour. We're spending a lot more time recording this time. I'm just excited to really dig in.

I think we're more confident this time -- I can't speak for the other guys, but I feel like going into the studio and working with people we admire, I was really nervous. But this time around, I feel super confident and ready to make a really good record. We're been spending a lot of time writing a bunch of new songs and we're starting to get our sound really dialed in.

Keith Garcia, programming manager, Sie FilmCenter

I would like to make 2013 the year I actually start making things happen for myself. Long-standing things. Number one on that list: I need to make (movies) myself. I've spent so many years of my life watching movies and programming movies and talking to people who make movies that I've got a laundry list of movies I need to make myself. I need to figure out how they fit into my world, and I need to get it done.

There are stories to tell, and there are people, currently, who I want to tell their stories. And I don't want them to die in fifty years and I haven't told their story. (Laughs.)

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