Sprout City's weed dating will help find someone who really digs you

Bright yellow dandelions and gnarly horseweed certainly aren't very sexy when it comes to things that grow. But, this Friday, June 20, at Sprout City Farm's Weed Dating event, these weeds could be a catalyst for finding someone who makes your heart beet faster.

"We are rich in veggie puns," says Alison Hatch, the outreach director at Sprout City Farms, a nonprofit that tries to engage local communities by cultivating educational urban farms. Sprout City currently operates two Denver-area farms, including one at the Denver Green School, where singles interested in things like horticulture, sustainability, and food justice can mingle amongst the weeds.

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Expect to get a little dirty while you're getting flirty. "It's like speed dating, except instead of sitting across from somebody at a table, you get into a row of carrots and then rotate down the veggies while weeding the garden," Hatch explains, adding that, "It's totally fun, open to anybody, and a great way to meet friends."

Light snacks and iced tea will be provided on the farm. Because alcohol is not permitted on the premises, Hatch suggests sticking around until after the event ends at 8 p.m. for an optional -- but highly recommended -- post-weeding happy hour to be held at a nearby bar of the group's choosing.

Last summer, Sprout City hosted two rounds of weed dating, each bringing in dozens of participants of all ages. Hatch anticipates another great showing. There's no need to sign up -- Just show up at 6 p.m. at the farm. And, this year, the event is free, though a donation of $5 or $10 dollars is suggested and will be used to help support the farm.

And, really, even if you aren't interested in meeting a mate, the school farm itself is worth seeing. Built on Denver Public Schools property and integrally connected to DGS, the farm's produce is used for the school's salad bar as well as in cooked meals for about seven months out of the school year. The farm is able to meet nearly all of the produce needs of the kitchen from August to October.

For more information on Weed Dating and Sprout City Farms, visit sproutcityfarms.org.

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