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Ten best features at the new Don Anema Memorial Skatepark

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Situated in the far corner of the E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park lies the new Don Anema Memorial Skatepark. Commissioned to Team Pain Skateparks, a company known for its innovative and strategic skateparks, the park was designed in seven weeks, partly due to increased pressure to finish the new skatepark -- which is rumored to surpass Denver Skatepark and become the largest skatepark in Colorado. The park features a unique mixture of mellow transition, pool elements, handrails, gaps and strange obstacles in between. With that in mind, here are the ten features that especially caught our attention:

10. (Pictured above) Unusual Polejam: While most polejams are usually one-sided and super steep, this one sits mellow and two-sided, which provides a chance for more fearful skateboarders to learn one of the more intimidating obstacles in skateboarding.

9. Bank-to-Jersey Barrier: This bank-to-Jersey barrier isn't one to mess around on; it has at least six inches of vert, not to mention a strange transition from bank to quarter pipe. The quarter pipe is modeled after a concrete "Jersey Barrier" used to block roads; therefore its more like a straight wall than a quarter pipe. 8. Marble Hubba: One of the most unique features of Team Pain skateparks is that the builders use actual marble in many of their ledges, emulating the business plazas of cities. The marble provides smooth and even surfaces, perfect for sliding or grinding. 7. Rails: A particularly difficult aspect of skateparks is finding a good mixture of handrails and flatbars at a single park. While most parks built before the 2000s are known for having awkwardly placed, rusted and sometimes even aluminum handrails, Team Pain provides a perfect mixture of small flatbars and medium and large handrails. This handrail in particular doesn't sit at a steep angle, but carries a hefty length, which really makes you check your balance skills. 6. Bank-to-Bank gap: Although this gap may seem intimidating upon the first glance, a nicely popped ollie will send you over with hardly any difficulty. As an added bonus, the flatbar that connects to the left side of the gap creates opportunity for gaps-to-grinds. 5. Plaza elements: The center of the park features a six-stair, step-up and double set that mimic the sets of stairs found in your everyday business plaza, which is definitely eye candy for the street-skateboarding oriented. 4. Arched ramps: Two different curved ramps are situated throughout the park, and they provide a very unusual way to approach your standard ramp -- an approach one can expect from the likes of Team Pain. 3. Steep bank: This bank, which boasts a thick amount of coping on top, is one of the steepest elements in the park -- and is certainly made with the more advanced transition rider in mind. What is probably the coolest feature of the bank is that one can use it as a flatbar from behind before popping into the transition. 2. Toilet Bowl: The toilet bowl sits on the northern-most part of the park, and is, without a doubt, the most original feature of the whole park. The thing is called a toilet bowl for a reason: Its cylindrical shape and tight corners spit you out as quickly as you enter. Coping sits atop the bowl for the adventurous who want to grind around the whole thing, or perhaps drop into the bottom of the bowl, which extends below the rest of the park, nearly underground. 1. The Bowl: Above all other elements of skateboarding, Team Pain is notoriously known for making the most memorable bowls and pools in the country. Thus it's no surprise that their bowl, modeled after the backyard "Mott" bowl, sits as the focal point of the entire park, whether you fancy transition skateboarding or not. While many of Team Pain's bowls and pool are highly regarded for their steep and intimidating transition, this bowl carries very mellow transition -- but not without tight corners and pool coping. The mixture of pool elements with mellow transition is a happy medium for the eclectic mixture of skateboarders that make up the Northglenn skateboarding community.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.