Ten lucky finds at the summer Horseshoe Market: A preview

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We unequivocally love the Berkeley district's Horseshoe Market for a myriad of reasons, but mostly it's a matter of the spirit of the thing, which is old and modern all at the same time: Its mix of vintage wares, unique handmades and trendy food and drink on wheels fits the 21st century like an elegant old glove. The second of three Horseshoes scheduled this season sets up shop in the Olinger Moore Howard Chapel parking lot tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with more than 100 vendors manning the booths. Browsing is free, of course, but come with your handbag fully stocked for the food and finds. Here's a peek at what awaits you. 1: Amy's Old School This vintage embroidered cowboy shirt is just one of the many vintage finds made by Amy Nelson, who scours the thrift and antique markets for beautiful things that speak of the past in a way only vintage can. 2: Winter Garden Studios Adrienne DeLoe of Winter Garden Studios designs and makes jewelry with a botanical theme. 3: Hip Violet Jesi Josten of Hip Violet (named for her daughter, BTW) makes, hands-down, the cutest oversized, appliqued baby bibs you have ever seen. Working with fabrics that have that trendy new/old flair, she's got her thimble on the modern market. 4: Larka Designs Holly Anderson of Larka Designs has something we want: Pure charm, as evidenced in her utterly adorable clutches and hairbands, stitched from linen and felt and sometimes featuring original drawings screenprinted by hand. 5: Power and Light Press/Moveable Type Here's something completely different for a flea market: a chance to make something yourself to take home. Portland letter press printer Kyle Durrie will pull off the road in her fully appointed printing-press-in-a-truck for a day of demos and mini workshops on-the-fly. We think this is so cool that we thought we'd share Durrie's video:

6: Apple Blue Vintage

Apple Blue, aka treasure hunter and crafter Amanda Lester, offers a wonderful melange of vintage stuff, some of it repurposed, like this handmade book utilizing an old children's book cover.

7: Ink Lounge

The local printers of Ink Lounge spend a good deal of their time working with nonprofits to teach printing basics to kids. But they also hand-print and occasionally sell their own whimsical and sometimes politicized work. 8:

Jeanne Oliver Designs

Jeanne Oliver is a mom, a collector and a creator of lovely things, such as this graceful ruffled handbag sporting a golden blossom.

9: McDonough & Kent

McDonough & Kent are in the business of upcycling old furniture to contemporary ends.

10: MargoBelle Designs

MargoBelle isn't one person, or even two; rather, it's more like a co-op of local seamstresses, some of them associated with the nonprofit Developmental Pathways. Using unusual fabrics, they stitch together one-of-a-kind skirts, bags and other accessories, such as this sprightly polka-dot number.

11: Cozy Bean

Okay, so we threw in an extra one. You're bound to need to refuel sometime during your orgiastic Horseshoe shopping spree, and Cozy Bean is just one of the food trucks on board at the August market. Deemed a "nomadic coffee shop" by in-house barista Stiles Christner, the refurbished 1970 Volkswagen bus is immediately recognizable. Cream City Treats, NZ Smokin' Guns, Basic Kneads Pizza, Make My Dog hot dog stand, Cake Bakery and Hula Moon Bartending (serving popsicles and vintage mocktails) will all be there, as well!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.