The Book of Mormon will come to Denver early but won't stick around long

Despite their nearly two decades of golden success, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always put on for Colorado -- magnum opus South Park, for example, is basically a fifteen-year-long-and-counting tribute to the home state -- and given that track record, we weren't surprised at all when they announced that their multi-Tony-Award-winning Book of Mormon would make its off-Broadway debut right here in Denver. Thanks, dudes, we appreciate that.

It was a long time to wait (initial projections put the musical here around December of next year), and so the good news is that the expected wait just got a little shorter. The bad news is that the visit will be painfully short.

Now, the musical (which won nine Tonys, including best musical -- did we mention that?) will arrive in less than a year, opening in Denver on August 14 -- but only lasting until September 2; apparently, that's because it's been made an "add-on" to the Denver Center's 2012 season rather than a full production, even though it's huge. The effect that will have is that it will make it pretty tough for average folk to even get a ticket, let alone an affordable one; Denver Center subscribers will get first crack, and whatever they don't buy up will go to the general public.

The other good/bad news is the venue: Instead of taking up residence at the Buell, the cpmplex's largest house, Book of Mormon will live out its three-week tenure at the smaller and more intimate (and better-sounding) Ellie Caulkins Opera House -- which is very exciting indeed, if you can get in, but it also means it'll be even harder to make that happen.

No word yet on how much tickets will cost or when they will go on sale to the general public; we're currently in early negotiations for a bootleg with the folks who sell DVDs from a blanket near our office, so we'll let you know how that goes.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.