Today in Stoke: Loveland's Chair 4 lottery

Retired chairlift chairs are a hot commodity around here, where hardcore skiers and snowboarders like to turn them into porch swings or mountain cabin decor: When Arapahoe Basin offered its old Expedition seats last year to make way for the new Black Mountain Express, the chairs went for $450 and sold out in less than seven minutes. Now Loveland's 2011/2012 season passholders have a similar chance at sitting on ski nostalgia for just $350 when the old Chair 4 double -- installed in 1965 -- goes out of commission to make way for a new fixed-grip triple going in this summer.

"People are very excited about the sale," says Loveland spokesman John Sellers. "We have gotten a strong response and are still accepting entries into the lottery through May 16. Because we have such a limited supply and demand is so high, we decided to limit the sale to season pass holders and reward our most loyal customers with an opportunity to purchase a piece of Loveland history."

Register (and buy your $359 season pass, if you still haven't) at SkiLoveland.com to enter; winners will be announced on May 19.

"These opportunities don't come around often, so people get excited when they do and jump at the chance to bring a piece of Loveland home with them," says Sellers. "A lift chair has a lot more personality than a bench or swing that you might put up in your yard or on your porch. Chair 4 served some great terrain and I'm sure that people that rode it frequently would be more interested in taking one home. Even if you never rode Chair 4, it is still something that would be nice to put on your porch or backyard to remind you of the ski season during the summer months."

Perhaps even more exciting, for locals looking forward as well as waxing nostalgic, is the news that the lift is being replaced with expanded capacity, serving terrain that includes Sunburst Bowl, Perfect Bowl, the North Chutes and Fail Safe Trees.

"We will start removing the old chair very soon so we can remove the lift towers on the snow to lessen the impact on the landscape," says Sellers. "It is going to be fun to see the old lift come down and the new one as it is brought to life. It will be erected on nearly the same footprint of the existing chair and will serve the same terrain. The additional seat will get more people up the hill on powder days to ride the terrain served by the chair or to access Chair 9 or Chair 8."

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