Tonight: Rock Prophecies at the Boulder Public Library

Robert M. Knight looks pretty much like a regular guy - an older hepcat who wears berets, to be sure, but, yes, a regular one. Yet in his career of more than forty years as a rock photographer, he's snapped everyone from the Rolling Stones to Slash and the Sick Puppies, many of them early in their careers. Hence the title of John Chester's 2009 documentary Rock Prophecies, which looks in on Knight's reputation as a guy with an eye for the diamond in the rough. Not just a picture-taker, Knight has been instrumental in kicking the careers of certain acts up a gear or two: As one story goes, he talked the Australian band Sick Puppies into moving to the United States, where fame and fortune was to be found. It was just the push they needed. Rock Prophesies, both a career retrospective and a suspenseful story played out in the present, which follows Knight's quest to help a young Texas guitar phenom break out of the crowd, screens tonight at 7 p.m. at the Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Avenue, as part of the free BPL's Film Program; it's one of a series of screenings showcasing the Boulder International Film Festival. And, I repeat: It's free.

Knock yourself out. Here's a preview:

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