Top ten womenswear moments of 2013

Last year we saw lots of exciting fashion on Denver's streets, sported by both residents of this city and visitors with a strong sense of style. Out of all the women we spotted in 2013, we've narrowed down our favorite looks to these ten, featuring everything from orange hair to prints to Louis Vuitton.

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10) We spotted Heather Williams, a visual merchandiser at H&M, on Lawrence Street. Her bright-orange hair caught our attention, as did her bohemian flair. The bleached color scheme on her shirt is a nod to her style inspiration of San Francisco. Her occupation allows her to put her eye for clothing to good use, and we appreciate it. 9) Dancer Sarrah Jane Brooks is a woman who has a deep adoration for cheetah prints, which she even uses as a motif for her lipstick. She blends glam rock and roll with a dash of Breakfast at Tiffany's to create a look that is anything but ordinary. 8) We spotted Felicia Renee, a fellow fashion blogger, on her stamping grounds of South Broadway with her dog, Radar. Her style is sleek, augmented with a blazer and bowler hat. Renee proves that there are many people in the Denver fashion community who are taking note of other's styles. 7) Gillian Kumm, a concierge at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, was spotted outside the Denver Art Museum. Her tattoo of a T-Rex shows her adoration of dinosaurs and is whimsical, as are her shades and flowy purple skirt. Kumm's fashion sense is like her personality: bubbly and energetic. 6) Ryan Bailey is a student who wears womenswear like a club kid from the 1990s. He creates his androgynous look by mixing black furs with red shades and sushi-print socks. His street style proves that fashion knows no gender. 5) Corrisa Violette is the manager of Pandora on the Hill; we spotted her rocking a baby doll dress that is simple and elegant. She reminds us why Capitol Hill is so unique: because of its fun characters. 4) We caught Jessica Reid, a young Los Angeles-based actress, on 17th Street in downtown Denver. Her ensemble mixes prints with the same color scheme -- and she pulls it off. Reid's aim with her outfits is to make people smile, and she succeeds in that mission. 3) Ashley Warmington is a saleswoman who loves music, and she shows it with her Notorious BIG cut-off shirt that we spotted at a Muse concert at the Pepsi Center. She mixes genres here, combining hip-hop with punk-rock elements. Her style mantra is "do you," and it rings true here: Her style is fresh and original. 2) Lauren Jestes is a technical writer who makes conscious choices to support local designers. Her gauge earrings are wooden and her dress is colorful, even matching the area where we spotted her, near the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Her attention to detail makes her style a prime example of modern womenswear done well. 1) Sharron Hicks is the wife of fine artist Ron Hicks and also the director of his company. We found her outside the Denver Art Museum, displaying timeless style with tortoise-shell sunnies, a little black dress and accessories galore, like her Louis Vuitton monogram clutch. Hicks also showcases the reciprocal relationship between art and fashion, and how the two interact to create a dialogue.

Congratulations, Ms. Hicks, we look forward to your next look.

And to all the women of Denver: Let 2014 be the year you put your best foot forward and turn heads on the streets with your style.

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