Watch a live stream artist Tara Rynders' You & Me in-house exhibition this weekend

This weekend, local dancer Tara Rynders is opening her home to the public for two days of live, intimate performances incorporating movement, music and visual art. Well, the in-house shows have long been sold out, but Rynders will be broadcasting the one-artist-to-one-audience-member interactions in real time via her own ustream channel on April 2 and April 3, running from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

"I wanted to play with the idea of engaging people in art and performance," Rynders says of the personal nature of each mini-show occurring throughout her home. These performances will take place everywhere from the artist's hot tub to a 30-foot picnic table constructed specifically for the event, and will involve other local artists of multiple mediums.

Prior to the events, guests were asked to go online and pick an artist from Rynders' chosen pool. The pairs will then meet for appointment-style performances throughout the course of the two evenings. As part of her completion of an MFA in dance and video performance from CU Boulder, Rynders desires for these individual pieces to explore the intimacy of performing in a public setting, but on a one-on-one basis. For more information or to be a voyeur of this intimate weekend, visit www.tararyndershouse.com.

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