• @ninapetrovic24
    26 November, 2019

    Ohhhh this is interesting https://t.co/rF5ToZXVFd

  • @ninapetrovic24
    25 November, 2019

    The 50 Most Important Music Moments of the Decade https://t.co/PSsaUoDElE via @RollingStone

  • @ninapetrovic24
    22 November, 2019

    Not surprising. VS has seen some decline in sales. The statements on excluding plus size and transgender women as m… https://t.co/NNgiX2WJNx

  • @ninapetrovic24
    21 November, 2019

    RT @DUGSPP: Did you know that one person is diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds? A team of DU professors, led by Dr. Kim Gorgens, has p…

  • @ninapetrovic24
    19 November, 2019

    "We have to create an environment where survivors are sure they are going to be believed." https://t.co/vn5rENpYy7


Nina Petrovic

Nina Petrovic

Nina Petrovic is a Colorado native passionate about journalism, travel, and everything Taylor Swift. She joined Westword in 2019 first as a freelance writer and now an intern. She primarily writes about the latest news on cannabis in Colorado.

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