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Best Of Denver® 2005

We came, we saw, we stuffed our faces -- and we unstuffed the ballot boxes. After months of eating, shopping, drinking and dialing, our top-secret Best of Denver 2005 team produced the paper now in your hands, our 22nd annual celebration of the city. The Best of Denver edition is not for beginners. Within days of moving to Denver, you know the kick of browsing at the Tattered Cover Book Store (all three of them now), the thrill of seeing a concert at Red Rocks, the joy of yet another day of sunshine on your face (and your unshoveled sidewalk), and the welcome taste of that 1 a.m. burger at My Brother's Bar, Denver's oldest building dedicated to the non-stop dispensing of booze and camaraderie. (If you were lucky enough to be born here, you know all these things instinctively --- and you can also remember when you could actually see prairie on the drive from Denver to Boulder.) The Best of Denver begins with all those wonderful amenities we so often take for granted, and builds off them to capture all the unique people, places, services and shops that are continually redefining this city, making Denver the very best place in the country to live. Enjoy.

Best Of Denver®

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