Zero-Proof Tasting Room Pops Up in Platt Park

Beer, wine and cocktails are all on the menu, and all completely booze-free.
Beer, wine and cocktails are all on the menu, and all completely booze-free. Grüvi
In a town known for craft beer and a love of dive bars, going booze-free on a night out isn’t the norm for most. But recently, that’s started to change. In May, Denver’s first sober bar, Awake, opened. Now, Grüvi, a Denver-based non-alcoholic beverage company, is pouring 0% ABV beer, wine and cocktails at a pop-up tasting lounge that opened June 18 at 1455 South Pearl Street.

“Grüvi is all about showcasing that you can have fun, enjoy social settings and be yourself without alcohol to do that,” says Anika Sawni, who founded the company with her brother Niki in 2019. “We want to provide a space where people can come here and socialize.”

click to enlarge Siblings Anika and Niki Sawni founded Grüvi in 2019. - GRÜVI
Siblings Anika and Niki Sawni founded Grüvi in 2019.
The summer-only boho-chic tasting room is located in a former home that was also used as a beer garden by Craft Alley in 2019. Now, colorful products on rainbow shelves line the walls inside, while outside, there are white picnic tables, cornhole, Jenga and other family-friendly games; dogs are also welcome on the patio.

While all of Grüvi’s products are completely alcohol-free, Anika notes that being “sober curious” does not mean going completely booze-free, but rather is a way to explore one’s relationship with alcohol. Anika’s sober-curious journey began after she graduated from McGill University in Quebec in 2018, when she challenged herself to be more mindful of when she decided to drink alcohol. Considering why she drank and how she felt after a night out led her to realize she could still have fun socializing without the pressure of drinking.

Grüvi offers her a way to share that learning experience with others. The venture has been successful so far; Grüvi now sells its alcohol-free products online and in over 1,500 locations across the U.S. through wholesale partnerships with brands like Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Total Wine & More.

Now the Sawni siblings are excited to share their products in a whole new way. “The Colorado lifestyle is very on-brand for Grüvi: active, adventuring and health-conscious,” explains Anika. “In addition to that, as a brewery mecca, people in Colorado have a palate for craft beer and are constantly looking for interesting new flavors, making it the perfect location to bring Grüvi to life.”

So next time you’re planning happy hour, consider heading to the Grüvi tasting room for options like a non-alcoholic IPA, booze-free Aperol spritz or zero-proof bubbly rosé.

The Grüvi Tasting Lounge at 1455 South Pearl Street is open Thursday and Friday from 3 to 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 10 p.m. For more information or to purchase Grüvi products online, visit
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