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Ogden Theatre
935 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO  80218
Grizzly Bear makes art-rock symphonies that are also pleasing to casual pop listeners. The band’s 2012 album, Shields, garnered critical acclaim from everyone from Pitchfork folks to Jay-Z and earned comparisons to the lush, catchy genius of Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds. Grizzly Bear evolved quickly from one man’s adventures in Pro Tools into a full band that delivers a live show akin to a garden of psychedelic sonic delights. Singer and founder Ed Droste maintains the importance of layering live instruments rather than relying on backing tracks, and the results are captivating. In August, Grizzly Bear released Painted Ruins, which reflects the bittersweet tumult of personal lives and the invasive troubles of the world. “It’s chaos, but it works,” Droste sings on “Four Cypresses,” speaking to the paradox at the heart of the band’s intricate chamber pop.
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