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Dryer Plug Studios
3050 E 43rd Ave.
Denver, CO  80216
Kate Warner, who performs as Mirror Fears and will play at Dryer Plug Studios this Thursday, June 4, honed her skills playing keyboards and singing in the rock band Talk All Night. She brought a moodily ethereal element to the group’s densely melodic songs, and something about her vocals cut through the music, giving it a riveting emotional undercurrent. Warner also worked on solo electronic music that drew on influences similar to those of Talk All Night, such as Múm and Ladytron, and the result was haunting, dark, ambient pop songs that get under your skin. It was music capable of soothing an angsty part of your psyche that you may not have noticed was quietly grinding away in a forgotten part of your mind. Over the past three years, Warner has refined her methods and her songwriting to such a degree that her compositions now have a sonic richness reminiscent of a modernized Organisation-period Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark.


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