Azafran | Broomfield | Indian | Restaurant


Neighborhood: Broomfield
This Broomfield spot opened in 2011 as Azitra, but after it was purchased by its longtime GM and chef, they dubbed it Azafran, the Urdu word for "saffron." The menu is filled with dishes predominantly from northern India, with scattered southern Indian touches like coconut, curry leaves and peppercorns. Certain preparations have been lightened, but there’s still enough cream that korma seems like itself, not a skinny, Photoshopped replica. Dough is brushed with ghee (clarified butter), then folded and flattened into paratha. Azafran saves its real innovation for the decor, with earth-toned booths and banquettes in a space that feels sleek and contemporary, even if the food is deliciously traditional.
Mark Manger