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Boulder County Center for Judaism

4900 Sioux Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303


  • Both Seders begin at 8:00pm – the first on April 22, the second on April 23 - and will run late into the night.
The festival of Passover honors the biblical departure of the Jews from years of slavery in Egypt and is celebrated with a ritual meal called a Seder. The Hebrew word Seder means “order” and the 15 steps of the ritual that make up the Passover Seder must be performed in a specific order, with particular prayers and specific foods accompanying each one. While there are numerous holidays, festivals, and ritual observances in the Jewish calendar each year, for some reason, few evoke the deep sentiments associated with Passover. No matter how observant (or not) an individual may be throughout the rest of the year, something about Passover brings Jews home to their traditions. This year, as every year, all Jews, regardless of affiliation, background, or age are invited to join the Boulder County Center for Judaism’s Seder on April 22nd. The Seder is warm and welcoming – and comprehensible, no matter what level of Jewish education or practice an individual might have. Everyone is encouraged to attend, participate, and enjoy the evening-long event, which includes prayers, explanations, discussions, stories, songs, and a delicious home-made meal, as well as lots of wine and hand-made matzo. All Glatt Kosher of course. Seder begins at 8:00pm because it cannot start until after sundown, and it will continue late into the night because there are many individual elements to enact and explain. Space is limited and we know that this annual event fills up quickly, so those who wish to attend should reserve now. If you are closed out of this event, or choose not to drive on Shabbos, there is a Second Night Seder on Saturday, April 23, also beginning at 8:00pm. This one fills up quickly as well, so if you want to be there, please, reserve now.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.