CannaBotica is tucked into a warehouse district just south of the traffic nightmare that is Sixth Avenue at I­-25 ­­— on Second Avenue, just before it snakes south and turns into Tejon. There's not much drive­-by traffic, but you can't miss the dispensary's signage, plus it's the only place around without semi­-trucks and diesels parked out front. Once you're inside, it might take your eyes a minute to adjust and figure out that what look like bags of herb hanging from a display rack in the waiting room are actually bags of tea; the shop apparently also specializes in herbal teas that don't require a medical marijuana card to purchase. The stock includes herbal blended teas for everything from blood and liver health to sedative teas for insomniacs. But if you're more interested in the other kind of herb, you'll be paying more attention to the cannabis that's kept on display in large, airtight, clear­-plastic jars in two glass cabinets set up in an L­-shape. The dispensary features not only various micron levels of in­-house bubble hash, but also newly pulled kief.