Colorado Adventure Point

Colorado Adventure Point (CAP) is an amazing educational facility owned by the Denver Boy Scout council and managed by two experienced teachers. CAP combines the best practices and academic goals of the educational world with the over 100 years of experience that Boy Scouts of America has in teaching citizenship, fitness, and character to American youth with hands-on adventures. All activities at Colorado Adventure Point are based upon our proprietary theory of Adventure Education which combines adventure activities, rigorous academics, and intentional character development into incredible learning experiences. Every Adventure Zone in CAP offers countless ways to help educate youth not only in the academic knowledge, but also in the practical life skills and attitude that every youth needs to thrive as a leader of tomorrow. The balance we strive for can be seen in our Adventure Education Venn diagram below.Schools typically offer four main subjects and a handful of electives to their students. By using and modifying the merit badge system of the BSA, Colorado Adventure Point offers 120 subjects that are based on practical skills, future professions, and enjoyable hobbies. Boys and Girls from 1st to 12th grade, and adults who are young enough at heart to have a passion for new skills, can experience challenging curriculum in every one of our Adventure Zones. Colorado Adventure Point is proud to offer a research-based best-practice educational environment that combines traditional education, experiential education, and the Aims and Methods of Scouting.