Dae Gee

If Dae Gee chef/owner Joseph Kim has his way, Denver diners will develop a nuanced appreciation for bulgogi, kimchee and gochugaru, the red-chile powder that stains everything from soups to side dishes at his three restaurants. "We're letting them know what Korean food is about," says Kim. "We're reaching the masses."� Kim's first two Dae Gee locations (Dae Gee means "pig" in Korean) opened in 2010 and 2014, respectively. Then in 2016, he opened a third location on South Broadway, which has a modern vibe that contrasts with the very traditional food. The cooks "are doing it exactly the way they would in Korea," adds Kim. "They're not really gearing it to Americans." So a short-rib stew, listed on the menu as galbee tang, comes loaded with noodles, bean sprouts and plenty of beef (some of it still attached to big bones that most chefs would strain out), not to mention red-chile powder and jalapeño; the bee beem bhop arrives in a stone pot hot enough to transform the bottom layer of rice into crisp, chewy bits to mix with the marinated beef and salad-like goodies on top. Entrees come with unlimited banchan, a variety of side dishes. But even with all this food, you won't want to miss the kimchi pancake appetizer.