Deviant Spirits

2480 49th St, Unit E
Boulder, CO 80303


  • 4:00PM - 9:00PM
Deviant Spirits Distillery was founded by three close friends in Boulder, Colorado. It started like most young businesses do; in the basement with a blowtorch. Our first operating still was a true blend of tradition and budget inspired ingenuity. For months the sounds of saws, and welding torches could be heard throughout the house and after spending the majority of twelve months in the basement, our head distiller and mad scientist Jeremy Moyers finally emerged with a vodka (and 100lbs of empty ramen containers) so smooth and unique that we all knew we would have to share it with the world. After months of meticulous research, we decided there was only one decision that made sense, to take the plunge! Two years have been spent refining our product and developing several unique infusions (flavored vodkas), putting together a proper business plan and doing everything we could to birth our baby. We found a warehouse centrally located in Boulder, signed a lease, purchased equipment and incorporated ourselves as Deviant Spirits, LLC. Now, as of October 31, 2015 we are open to the public!

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