Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar

Hapa Sushi is essentially a fusion restaurant, offering sliders, nachos and Fuji-apple-and-bleu-cheese salads on the one hand, poke don, kanpyo maki and a small spread of sashimi on the other. It caters quite deliberately to rookies, actually naming a section of the menu "Beginner Sushi Rolls," which is followed by "Intermediate" and then flows right into the house specials -- many of which are named after something sexual. But while Hapa is a fun place, there's also undeniable talent in the kitchen. Done with your sushi? Use your chopsticks to tap out the beat while the DJ spins it. A smart layout enhances the comfortably stylish environment so you won't bump the tables when the sake commands you to shake your booty.