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Jozi's Kitchen and Shebeen

Jozi's started out as a semi-permanent food shack at the TheBigWonderful in May 2015, but soon hit the streets in a bright red mobile kitchen, introducing South African cuisine to a town where it's such a rarity that the names of the dishes trigger looks of pure bewilderment. In September 2016, owners Angus and John Hicks opened a full-fledged restaurant in Parker, making food so delicious and homey that everyone in the metro area should be a convert. This is food influenced by wave after wave of South African settlers -- Dutch, British, Indian -- as well as indigenous traditions. There's bunny chow (beef or vegetarian curry ladled into a hollowed-out bread loaf), borewors and pap (farm-style sausage served over polenta-like cornmeal), and spiced kebabs called sosatie, sided with saffron rice. The names may be hard to pronounce, but every bite reads as simply delicious.