Kaos Pizzeria

Patrick Mangold-White's Platt Park pizza joint, Kaos Pizzeria, has been drawing crowds since it opened its doors in 2009. The menu includes tasty salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes, which offer a welcome variety for the families that flock to the eatery, but the real draw here, of course, is the expansive pizza list. It skews mostly traditional (margherita, prosciutto, four-cheese) but offers a few modern, creative combos, such as the Broccoli & Tater pie (garlic, white cheddar, créme fraîche and, yep, broccoli and potatoes) and specials that pop up on the brand's Facebook page. Have a seat in one of the cozy rooms (unlike most old houses that have been transformed into restaurants, this one retains most of its original floor plan, giving a quirky feel to the space) or outside in the garden to await your chaotic — but always delicious — pizza.

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