Lollicup Denver

The candy-colored boba drinks at Lollicup Denver come with or without caffeine, and there are dozens of flavors to choose from; you can order milk and flavored teas as well as creamy snow-bubble and ice-blended slush versions that eliminate the tea part of the equation, which makes it a great stop for both adults and kids seeking thirst-quenching sustenance. But the drinks (which also include juice and hot options) are far from the only draw to this particular unit in a Colorado Boulevard strip mall. Lollicup also offers fresh-made steamed buns on the weekends, free wi-fi, foosball, cards, board games, Asian fashion magazines and a large collection of manga, so you can drop in and play some games, browse some wares or just hang out and pass the time for a while. Lovers of the quirky and fun have found a haven at Lollicup.