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Mariscos El Picudo

This Mexican seafood joint isn't much to look at — it's in the former home of the notorious Hart's Corner — but keep an eye out for the distinctive heart-shaped sign all the same, because you're in for a treat once you get inside. The menu is solid and well-executed, but the real reason we come to “La Casa de las Micheladas” (as the sign boasts) is — you guessed it — the micheladas. You'll find mugs adorned with tamarind straws, cucumber, shrimp and oysters, sometimes all at once. The salty, tangy, ice-cold creations, which range in price from $7 to over $25, come with your beer of choice; if you're feeling ambitious, try the version with three different beers upside down in a goblet that's a weird and wonderful mash-up of Bloody Mary, shrimp cocktail and cucumber salad and lime. ¡Salud!