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Danielle Lirette

Masterpiece Kitchen

Danielle Lirette
The team behind Masterpiece Deli and Culture Meat & Cheese opened Masterpiece Kitchen in the spring of 2016. Located on the quieter side of Lowry’s Hangar 2 development, the restaurant boasts big picture windows and a patio bounded by native grasses and a container garden. With couches around a fire pit, strings of white lights and a friendly vibe from the indoor-outdoor bar, the patio feels like an extension of home, the back yard you’d have if you had more room, not to mention a decorator and a professional landscaper. Inside, flat-screen TVs flashing baseball and football hang over a long bar that radiates energy to the rest of the room. With a white bar top, gunmetal-gray walls and tables, and no decorations save for the TVs, the place feels as sleek and cool as a sushi bar. But instead of spicy tuna rolls, you find a casual mix of salads and sandwiches (many of which will be familiar to longtime Masterpiece Deli fans), plus burgers and entrees such as trout, fried chicken and steak.