Molly Martin

Molotov Kitschen

Molly Martin
Chef-owner Bo Porytko (of Misfit Snackbar and the late, lamented Rebel Restaurant) has long wanted to open an Eastern European concept rooted in Ukrainian fare, a nod to his heritage. That came to fruition in January 2023, when Molotov opened in a cozy City Park spot. Unlike the often-surprising food at Rebel and Misfit, Porytko is sticking closer to traditional flavors and presentations here, with hearty entrees like large roasted pork shank which is fried and coated in lavender honey and coulibic, a large puff pastry resting atop a bowl, hiding layers of wild mushroom rice and buckwheat, Swiss chard, king salmon and a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg beneath. Molotov is a welcome surprise, offering a far more refined take on Porytko's particular brand of chaos that still feels fun and fresh while deftly honoring a culture and cuisine that has deep roots.

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