Pink Tank

While Pink Tank set up shop inside Pub on Pearl in May 2017, its menu remains staunchly loyal to its food truck roots. While other trucks hustle burgers, pizza and ice cream --not that there's anything wrong with those -- Pink Tank is where you go for the F-Bomb, a hefty hot dog weighted with thick strips of bacon, scrambled eggs and cheddar mounted on French toast fairy-dusted with powdered sugar and glossed with maple syrup infused with caramel. The Tank is an unapologetic shrine to swine, with bacon appearing here, there and everywhere --including on its own, in a mountainous heap of glory. Just get that and a glass of lemonade (pink, obviously), and you'll be in hog heaven. And fans of the mobile Pink Tank, which is indeed the color of a ballerina's tutu, don't despair -- the truck is available for catering and still makes occasional appearances around town.