Lindsey Bartlett

Romano's Italian Restaurant

Lindsey Bartlett
Romano's opened in 1967 on a sleepy little street a few blocks from Littleton's Old Town. For almost fifty years now, it’s been serving big plates of homemade spaghetti covered with a dense, garlicky red sauce that’s so good you’ll want it poured over just about everything else offered here. Like the neighborhood itself, nothing's new about this family-run place, and that's a good thing. When you're nostalgic for the Italian food you ate growing up and want to recapture that sense of excitement you felt when you first saw a server walking toward you with a heaping plate of pasta and golden garlic bread, Romano’s is the place. It’s comfortable, colorful and has all your old-school favorites: spaghetti with clams, eggplant Parmigiana, pizzas and calzones. Romano’s is the real deal, where family, food and tradition come together to make a favorite restaurant, even for those who live far from the southern suburbs.

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