3005 S. Peoria St.
Aurora, CO 80014


  • $, $$
  • Lunch, Dinner
  • Full bar
  • Catering, Family Style, Kid Friendly, Takeout
  • Parking Lot Available
  • Reservations Accepted
Yong K. Lee, who moved from Korea to the United States two decades before he went into the restaurant business, opened Silla in an Aurora strip mall more than twenty years ago. A recent interior renovation has brightened and modernized the formerly dark and dreary space and despite its age, Silla's popularity has not waned over the years. The place is perpetually packed, with parties chatting over the sound of meat sizzling as it hits the grills in the tabletops; the electronic chime of the call button fitted to each table regularly pierces through the commotion. A busy staff scurries through the rows of tables, trying to keep up with all the orders. While Silla focuses on barbecue, non-grilled options like bibimbap and bibim naeng myun (cold noodles) are deserving of attention, too.

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