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Solomon's Grocery and European Deli

"Authentic" is the word at Solomon's Grocery and European Deli, where the proprietors -- Bukharan immigrant Solomon Gurzhiev and his family -- are bend-over-backwards friendly, the coolers are stuffed with a dozen varieties of kefir and farmer's cheese, and mom Gurzhiev whips up homemade pelmeni on request. It might be a long way from Uzbekistan to Aurora, but the Gurzhievs take the miles in stride at this Russian-Jewish deli, where they feature a compact selection of imported Eastern European foods as well as more than eighty kinds of deli meats, smoked fish, sausages, pickles and cheese -- so it's worth giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to examine the goods. The small but potent selection of fresh-baked breads offered daily at the counter are perfect for slicing and serving with the deli fare.