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Mark Antonation
The Humble Pie Store on East Colfax Avenue.

The Humble Pie Store

Mark Antonation
When the Humble Pie Store reopened in Congress Park in early 2016 after more than a year without a home, a collective sigh of relief emanated from pie aficionados across the city. No longer will we have to content ourselves with special orders; finally, there's a place we can get our pies — sweet or savory — any time of the day or night. Our day usually goes like this: Stop in for pie and coffee in the morning, obsessively plan our next visit all day, check the Facebook page for suggested pie-and-cocktail pairings, then return the same evening for dinner, dessert and drinks. From pot pies to fist-sized pastry-wrapped meatballs to quiches to decadent desserts, this is one humble pie you'll be glad to eat.