Waffle House

You know you've become an American icon when you make regular appearances in Larry the Cable Guy's standup routine, and by that standard, Waffle House is the Elvis Presley of Interstate dining. With more than 1,400 franchises in 25 states (including Denver / Boulder), this Georgia-based breakfast joint, founded in 1955, is among a handful of 24-hour chain diners that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day and night long. Despite the jokes about sticky silverware, all of its waffles are served on real china. And it doesn't matter when you want a meal, you can order anything off the menu—including soups and sirloins, country ham sandwiches and German waffles topped with any number of hot compotes. Many Waffle Houses have jukeboxes, and all of them offer bottomless cups of coffee and breakfast bar service for fans of a bacon-and-eggs-laden buffet. Just look for the yellow neon—or look on Voice Places.