Wahoo's Fish Taco

Wahoo’s Fish Taco, a chain with outposts in California and Colorado, specializes in seafood prepared Baja style. You can get your fish (or shrimp) served on signature grilled corn tortillas for a taco, rolled up in a burrito or mixed into a bowl, but if you’d rather have chicken or pork or carne asada, Wahoo’s does that, too. There are also several vegetarian options, including marinated tofu and grilled vegetables. The interior looks like a surf shack tucked away on some remote beach, all salt-air-polished wood and bright colors -- which might seem a bit incongruous when you’re patronizing an eatery in a highly developed strip mall, but Wahoo’s stays true to its theme. Staff members are friendly and willing to answer questions, service is quick, and the food is much tastier (and healthier) than what you’d find at a typical fast-casual joint.