Andrew Butler of Hercules and Love Affair to guest DJ at Double//Shadow this Saturday night

In case you haven't heard yet, this Satruday night, Andrew Butler, the main man behind Hercules and Love Affair, is stopping by Beauty Bar to guest DJ at Double//Shadow. The free night, hosted by James Yardley and James Holden, is always dedicated to darker dance music, and it looks like it'll be stepping it up a notch this weekend.

Butler, of course, was once a Denverite himself, so it should come as no surprise he'd be popping in for an event here, even if it is coming on incredibly short notice. "Mike, one of the owners from Beauty Bar is an old friend of Andrew's," Yardley tells us, "so that's how it happened."

For his part, Butler will be adding to Double//Shadow's already darker themed tones by providing his own goth/industrial themed set, which should fit in perfectly with Holden and Yardley's love for the likes of Gary Numan, The Smith's and Ministry. Regardless of what Butler spins, it should be a kickass night, and it's certainly a sweet deal for Double//Shadow fans, especially when you factor in the visual performance by Audio Visual Violence Club and the "Harvest" theme accompanying this months edition.

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