Bands for Lands wants to green the scene

I had a very exciting conversation last week with Doug Bohm, co-founder of Bands for Lands. The Denver-based nonprofit, which has used live music and other arts to further the cause of conservation and sustainability for over a decade, is about to embark on a new initiative to increase awareness of these same issues within our city's live music venues, bars and clubs. The program, called Green the Scene, aims to decrease the negative impact that your favorite dive or dance club has on the environment.

Once upon a time, concern for the environment brought to mind the stereotype of the tree-hugging hippie. Today, however, the ecological imperative and increased awareness have brought this concern to the mainstream. As Bohn points out, "Anyone who has lived in the city or near a club has been woken up by the sound of a ton of glass bottles hitting a dumpster at three in the morning." Green the Scene aims to make sure those glass bottles get recycled. The program also hopes, in the long term, to help venues replace plastic with compostable, corn-based cups (made right here in Colorado), increase the use of solar power, convert energy-sucking club lighting to compact fluorescent and LED systems, eliminate bleached paper products and much more. This cause is being championed by bands like Light Travels Faster, all capitals, Boulder Acoustic Society and many others, and is further supported by people like Jim Norris, one of the owners of 3 Kings Tavern (which recycles all of its glass bottles) and a member of the Bands for Lands board.

Look for more details about Green the Scene in an upcoming Mile High Makeout. In the meantime, visit the Bands for Lands website for more information about how you can get involved. Also, if you eat at Watercourse today, the restaurant will donate 10 percent of your check to Bands for Lands, so you can eat something good and do something good.

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