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Beta Nightclub Celebrates Its Grand Reopening in October

Beta celebrated eleven years of electronic music before shutting its doors on Saturday, January 5, 2019.
Beta celebrated eleven years of electronic music before shutting its doors on Saturday, January 5, 2019. Aaron Thackeray
After an eleven-year run, Beta Nightclub announced it would close in January 2019, a month after 33-year-old patron Jacob Morton reportedly died of an overdose outside of the club. The announcement about the end of Beta waxed nostalgic but mentioned nothing of that.

“Well, it’s been almost 11 years, and it is with love and adoration for our community that we close the curtains on an amazing show we affectionately call Beta Nightclub,” Beta stated on its website last December. “It has been a source of great pride that we have had the privilege to provide a place filled with magic for our thousands of fans, countless DJs and faithful staff, promoters and partners. Saturday, January 5, 2019 will be our last night as we bid farewell to our dance floor.

“Our journey has been a wild one, from winning The 25 Greatest Clubs of All Time by Billboard Magazine and The #1 Club in America by Rolling Stone, to hosting some of the most amazing artists of our time," the Beta post continued. "Whether it was blissfully feeling the music through the sweet spot on the dance floor or enjoying the night sky with the stars as our companion on the patio, there has been countless memories made at 1909 Blake Street.”

In April, co-owner Brad Roulier — who has turned down multiple opportunities over the past few months to speak on the record with Westword reporters — told the Denver Business Journal that his first plan after closing was to sell the business, but those efforts were unsuccessful. Instead, he said he planned to reopen the club after updating sound, light and video technology.

Roulier also said that he proposed plans for a new fenced-in in-ground outdoor pool to the Lower Downtown Design Review Board, which was initially approved, according to a staff memo the Business Journal received.

Over the past few months, Beta has signaled on social media that it will be reopening as Beta 2.0, and has been hiring staff.

Now the club has announced that it will be hosting a sneak peek at the newly remodeled space on September 28 (tickets go on sale Thursday, September 12, at 11 a.m.). That will be followed by a grand-opening bash with Australian electronica duo Knife Party on Halloween night, October 31.

The updated Beta will reportedly have an elevated DJ booth, custom lighting, art installations and brand-new VIP areas. NV Concepts will assist with the talent buying.

Westword wrote of Beta in 2015: "Beta has a downtown location and sizable dance floor, but that's not what makes it the best dance club in Denver. It's also got a slick, sleek layout and a large patio where smokers can congregate and watch the LoDo night unspool. Neither of those things turned our heads much this year, though. What really makes this club the best place to lose your mind to the sound of a beat are the Funktion-One sound system, widely regarded as one of the best systems on the planet, and a lineup of DJs and producers that increasingly showcases the top names in the entire business."

And now, apparently, you may also be able to take a dip there. 
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