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Club Scout

Club Scout has the blues -- the "bye-bye Brendan's" blues. Despite owner Kevin Geraghty's assurances that he wasn't closing the new, improved location of his downtown club, word came down on December 30 that the night's "Son Seals Remembrance Party" would be Brendan's farewell bash. Brendan's Pub left its original home at 1624 Market Street (now occupied by the Blue Mule) almost two years ago, moving into a big, converted pawnshop at 2009 Larimer Street -- but the deal never panned out. On hand to bid adieu to Brendan's were local music luminaries Marcia Kent-Davis (currently lending a hand at the Brickhouse after a stint as Sambuca's assistant event coordinator) and scene supporter and graphic artist Tommy Nahulu. It was fun while it lasted, Kevin.

Former sungod spot Club Ra, at 1111 Lincoln Street, is being reincarnated as Allure nightclub and will reprise Ra's funkadelic Brown Suga on Saturday nights. Because the sweet sounds are presented by the multi-musical masterminds at 3 Deep Productions (, who brought us Serengeti's suave Safari night, count on DJ Style N. Fashion and DJ Chief to provide all the local color you need.

Finally, Fort Collins has seen the light -- again: The Starlight Theater is back in business at 167 North College Avenue. The new owners at this seemingly cursed locale are businessmen Dan Kerig and Joe Vader, the pair behind the successful Lucky Joe's and Zydeco's. With two established saloons already in their portfolios, these men could break the hex that's continued to darken the Starlight. And if they're not strong enough to do so, Club Scout suggests calling the Jesuit priests -- the kind who helped out in William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist -- at Denver's Regis University.

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Catalina Soltero
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