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Club Scout is nuts over the Walnut Room, Denver's newest player in the live-music scene. Wendy Woo headlines this weekend's grand-opening events, along with fellow Club Scout favorites Love.45, Arthur Lee Land and Yo, Flaco! Located at 3131 Walnut Street, the place is an extension of Soundstructure Studios, a twelve-year enterprise that recently expanded into a second building, adding fifteen rehearsal spaces and a performance venue complete with full-service bar and restaurant.

Soundstructure bills the Walnut Room as "built for music," and that was clear from Club Scout's first look at the enticing (and much-labored-over) interior. A lot of professional care was put into the 27-foot-wide, 15-foot-deep stage, as well as the expertly designed A/V system and comfortable yet attractive seating that shares 1,000 square feet with the dance floor. Soundstructure also lavished attention on the exterior, with new landscaping and increased outdoor lighting around the building and parking lot.

Music fans can take a crack at this Walnut at the opening blowout Friday, January 28; doors open at 4 p.m., with the first act starting at 7. For details, go to

Hello, Moto! A few minutes away at the edge of downtown, the bunker-like space at 2151 Lawrence Street that was Maximillian's, among other things, is now home to Club Moto. The Urbanvibe folks are deeply involved with this incarnation, which is more upscale and designed as a special environment in which to hear master DJs turning tracks. Moto was unveiled on New Year's Eve, and really got moving at last Friday's Tanqueray party; look for a sizzling schedule of R&B, hip-hop and high-temperature beats in the weeks to come. There's more information at the Urbanvibe303-hosted website,

Colorado Springs has a new venue, too: The Red River Saloon, at 32 Tejon Street, former home of 32 Bleu. The place got rolling last Thursday with a new name, new color scheme and new Texas-barbecue menu in the first-floor Red River Saloon Restaurant, open from 10:45 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day. (The kitchen will serve until 10 p.m.) The second floor houses the club, which took over 32 Bleu's concert schedule and spiced it generously with hot Colorado acts -- plus karaoke on Wednesday nights. Find the full schedule at

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