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Slither into the Snakepit on Friday to experience the return of Goth Night to that bar's serpentine schedule. Turntablists MfR and OneSkinnyDJ, both longtime members of the nocturnal subset and proficient in spinning eerie entertainment, are the resident ghosts -- that is, hosts -- of the weekly series at 608 East 13th Avenue. It's a bright addition to the scene for local goths who've lacked a regular hangout since Club Onyx went all the way dark, and last week's launch included plenty of macabre-themed activities. There's a contest under way to name the as-yet-untitled night; should your entry be chosen, OneSkinny promises, you'll receive "eternal VIP or eternal life, if available."

There's no eternal life for one occasional venue for underground shows. Heavenly Daze, the brewpub at 208 South Kalamath, is with the angels now, having passed away at the end of January. An obituary on the establishment's e-mail cited "a long-running dispute with landlord Stephen Tebo" as the reason for calling it quits, and thanked everyone for their patronage.

Thanks to a recent ownership change, things are looking up at the Foxhole Lounge. Club Scout checked in with Jen Stark, one of the bar's tenders under both its previous and current management, and she praises new boss Basil Osman for his efforts to attract a more diverse crowd to the club, as well as his open-minded approach to new ideas. Since Osman took over in December, there's been a tangible change in attitude at the Foxhole, making the place more comfortable for customers and staff alike -- right down to a couple of pool tables to enhance the "neighborhood hangout" feel. But Osman's past involvement with hot DJ-performance venues Club Dream and Trax2000 will no doubt come to play in the near future; local electronic artists are already hyping the Foxhole's "dynamite vibe reinforcements," and Stark seconds that emotion. More good news: While the club's 2936 Fox Street location seems to be in the middle of an endless construction zone, the roads leading to it have finally been paved.

Meanwhile, Club Scout's road is leading to Cali. Sorry, Denver, but I'm returning to my home state, and you know these long-distance things never work out. We had many great times together, and the few rough spots can't tarnish the riches I've acquired in the music community here. I'm taking all of those precious memories with me.

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