CSO Announces Collaboration With Local Bands

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, who have built a reputation on being supportive and collaborative with Denver's contemporary musicians, have further solidified this reputation with the announcement of their newest program, "Turn Over the Keys." 

The program, which will take place on May 28th at Boettcher Concert Hall, will feature Denver acts Land Lines, Ian Cooke and Megan Burt. Along with members of the CSO, each act will perform their own set and create orchestral arrangements based on each acts pre-written original music. Tom Hagerman, along with longtime CSO collaborator Jay Clifford, of South Carolina-based band Jump Little Children, will work with each artist on their arrangements. 

Cooke's performance, will feature his full band, and will draw heavy from his unreleased album, Antiquasauria, a concept album about dinosaurs and the evolution of life which could prove to be his most ambitious effort to date. For Antiquasauria's producer and Cooke' guitar player Ian ODougherty, the show will serve as a exciting extension of Cooke's already orchestral music. 

"The set will feature both old and new songs, as a nod to where Cooke's music has been, and where it is going," he said. "While cello has always been a major part of the sound, the newer songs tend to include more layers and more detailed arrangements. The new material is also much more difficult to perform live, so (this will be) a lot of fun for the band." 

The CSO has previously collaborated with well known Denver musicians like Devotchka, the Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov and Nathaniel Rateliff as well as national acts like Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Los Lobos, The Chieftains, and Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. 

More information about Turn Over the Keys can be found at www.coloradosymphony.org

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.