Dan Deacon on not having a rider asking for snacks and touring as self-sufficiently as possible

Although the great majority of our interviews take place in advance of a show, every now and then, we get a chance to hang out with an act when it comes through town. Such was the case yesterday with affable and intelligent Dan Deacon, who took time out of his day to chat with us about a variety of subjects, from whether our society, if it still exists 500 years from now, will view John Cage in the same light as Beethoven, Mozart or Bach, to how he and his bandmates strive to be as self-sufficient as possible on the road, cooking all their own food, using vegetable oil to fuel their bus and (gasp!) not having a rider asking for snacks and such, like most every other touring act.

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Tom Murphy is a writer, visual artist and musician from Aurora, Colorado. He was a prolific music writer for Westword and a documenter of the Denver music scene.