DJ Bedz on his mixtapes, donating the proceeds to Safehouse Denver and Melo

According to Safehouse Denver, three women are killed each day by an intimate partner in America. DJ Bedz, of Radio Bums and Denver Nuggets official DJ fame, is doing his part to help reduce the effects of domestic violence against women and their families by donating the proceeds of his mixtapes directly to Safehouse Denver.

We spoke with Bedz about his involvement with Safehouse, his new mixtapes, which have been hosted by the likes of hip-hop legends Rakim and Naughty by Nature, and got his take on Carmelo's possible exodus from Denver.

Westword: Every time a DJ Bedz mix CD is purchased at Independent Records, 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to Safehouse Denver. What is Safehouse Denver?

Safehouse Denver is a local non-profit organization that deals in all aspects of protecting women and their families from domestic violence. They maintain actual shelters where women can be safe from their perpetrators, they offer tons of fantastic informational and counseling services, and they also do great things to raise awareness in the community about domestic violence-related issues.

You can find them online at or you can call their 24-hour crisis and information hotline number at 303-318-9989. You can also find out more information about Independent Records and their locations at

How did you get involved with Safehouse?

I was raised in a family surrounded by righteous, strong women, and my mother has worked on and off with similar types of non-profit organizations in her life. I was aware at a very early age how important is it to respect and honor my personal relationships, and ideologically, I believe very strongly in the notion that the psychological and physical health of women is an issue that should be important to everyone.

Once I decided to get more involved with philanthropy a couple years back, I found Safehouse Denver via an Internet search and reached out to their directors personally. I expressed to them that I was interested in becoming a third-party financial contributor [by donating the mix CD money] and working to help raise overall awareness about their nonprofit. The directors of Safehouse welcomed me into their family shortly thereafter.

For anyone who hasn't heard one of your mix CDs yet, what can they expect?

Format-wise, I try to do everything ranging from Top 40 to underground hip-hop to old-school to CDs featuring local artists. The one constant is that you'll always hear blending and scratching on my CDs, and the transitions from song to song will be coherent and mixed together. That much I promise.

Right now I'm working on finishing up Party to Go Volume #17, hosted by B.o.B., a collaboration with H*Wood called Taste of Colorado, and two separate greatest-hits mix CDs featuring and hosted by Rakim and Naughty by Nature, respectively.

How did you hook up with Rakim and Naughty by Nature?

The Nuggets brought Naughty by Nature out to perform at halftime at a game last season, so I was able to get them to host the greatest-hits mixtape for me. They are super nice guys. I've been chasing Rakim for years. Finally, back in early 2010, Rakim was making the promotional rounds for his Seventh Seal LP, and he agreed to come on "White Shadow Radio" for a phone interview, since I had been playing his single with some regularity.

I got the audio for the mixtape hosting over the phone after the interview. And if you are a fan of my classic hip-hop greatest-hits CDs, be sure to pick up Ice Cube - Every Hood's the Same (Vol. 1 & 2), Public Enemy - War @ 33 1/2 (Vol. 1 & 2), and Digital Underground - Scratchwutchyalike -- distributed commercially with Digital Underground's permission.

You've been the Denver Nuggets official DJ for seven seasons. Are we really going to trade Melo?

That's a tough one. My first season with the team was his rookie year, so I'll always have a sentimental attachment to Melo. Like many fans, I'd love to see him stay in Denver his whole career. That being said, if the organization gets the sense that he is interested in leaving at the end of his contract, it would make a lot of sense to do whatever we can to get something of value in exchange instead of just letting him walk away next off-season. When you factor in the Nuggets front office being in a state of transition and the possibility of a work stoppage in the NBA next season, it only further complicates the matter. We shall see.

Outside of the Pepsi Center, where can Colorado catch one of your sets?

In terms of radio, you can listen to the "Mix @ 6" on Hot 107.1 Denver every Monday through Friday at 6 p.m., and tune into "White Shadow Radio" Saturdays from 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. I also work for 98.9 Magic FM in Colorado Springs, where you can hear "White Shadow Radio" every Monday through Friday from 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

"White Shadow Radio" also syndicates in Wichita, Kansas on Power 93.9, so if you are in the Eastern Plains check it out. If you'd like to come hear me spin live at a nightclub, I currently work at Chez Cirque DTC every Thursday and Sutra every Saturday night. Bums get 'er done!

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