Top Ten EDM Clubs in Denver

HARD festival at Red Rocks on July 28, 2017.
HARD festival at Red Rocks on July 28, 2017. Brandon Marshall
Denver has built a rich electronic-music scene. From underground bass artists shaking the very walls of the venues that house them and international dubstep acts selling out amphitheaters to DJs bringing to life LoDo's raging nightlife, we have it all when it comes to EDM. Here are a few of the best places to hear beats and dance in the Mile High.

click to enlarge Bar Standard - AARON THACKERAY
Bar Standard
Aaron Thackeray
Bar Standard
1037 Broadway

With chandeliers, good atmosphere and a rooftop lounge area, Bar Standard is one of the go-to spots for nightlife and dance music in Denver. Latin, techno and top 40 DJs frequently spin here, and more obscure acts occasionally come through. Revelers looking for a wild night can't go wrong stopping by Bar Standard.

click to enlarge Beta Nightclub - BRADON MARSHALL
Beta Nightclub
Bradon Marshall
Beta Nightclub
1909 Blake Street

Beta is probably the most famous spot for electronic music in Colorado. The sound system is known nationwide, and the club has long been an important tour stop for big-name and underground dubstep, drum and bass, techno, house and other electronic subgenres. The club is big and spacious, and thanks to its location in LoDo, it’s always packed, no matter who is spinning.

click to enlarge The Black Box - AARON THACKERAY
The Black Box
Aaron Thackeray
The Black Box
314 East 13th Avenue

One of the newest EDM venues in the state, the Black Box just opened in Capitol Hill, taking over what used to be Quixote's. Owned by Nicole Cacciavillano, founder of dubstep booking agency Sub.mission, the Black Box was explicitly designed for bass music. The Bass Couch sound system is built for low frequencies, so fans of bass music won't be disappointed at how their favorite artists sound.

click to enlarge Cervantes' the Other Side - SCOTT LENZ
Cervantes' the Other Side
Scott Lenz
Cervantes' Masterpiece and the Other Side
2635 Welton Street

While they may not be the posh nightlife spots some look for at EDM shows, Cervantes' Masterpiece and the Other Side, a smaller venue next to the ballroom, are some of the best places to see underground electronic acts in Denver. In addition to hip-hop and jammy rock, the venues are known for showcasing underground bass music and experimental EDM. Tucked in the middle of Five Points, they are also known for cheap drinks and affordable ticket prices.

The Church Nightclub - BRANDON MARSHALL
The Church Nightclub
Brandon Marshall
The Church
1160 Lincoln Street

The Church is a unique club in Denver. With five rooms and two patios, this converted church can pack numerous acts on different stages, and the original stained-glass windows and religious decorations make the space ridiculously colorful. The Church showcases everything from reggae and salsa to techno and trance.

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