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Favorite Musicians of Itchy-O Ranked

Itchy-O just finished an epic three-night stand at 3 Kings Tavern to welcome in the new year. What is as impressive as the musicianship and performance, however, is the sheer size of the group. Arcade Fire has nothing on Itchy-O, whose members seemed to swell with each passing show. Some played drums, others cymbals. Others still pounded on  keyboard, twisted knobs on a soundboard, or even wandered without any instrument at all. In a subjective attempt to better grasp the impact of Itchy-O, here is this critic's ranking of favorites among the members we can recall after the chaotic blur of seeing them play three nights in a row.

11. The member who just wandered around, occasionally dancing with people or grabbing their hats
His/her sudden appearance and disappearance throughout the night was more unnerving than engaging.

10. The woman in a burka who danced, crawled, and played finger cymbals
Again, unnerving.

9. The members that held up Itchy-O flags and walked around with them
Have I mentioned how unnerving and fantastically cult-like an Itchy-O show is?

8. The bass drum players
Essential, yet not the most entertaining. 

7. The quad players
Cooler than the bass drum players, if only for the musicianship required.

6. Cymbal players
The cymbal just seems really fun to play. (Itchy-O, do you need an extra hand?)

5. Keyboard player

That guy was always just playing his own thing. He was in his own zone and loving it.

4. The member who had a soundboard and screen showing soundwaves on his front, and a speaker strapped to his back
Dude made his own instrument. That's pretty cool.

3. The member who had a giant megaphone strapped to his back.
First off: man, that must have been heavy. Second, I loved that I never figured out how the megaphone was producing sound.

2. The member who rode a giant bike that had speakers strapped to it.
Mobile DIY speaker systems will never not impress me.

1. The members with sparkler/fireworks strapped to their heads
Fireworks. Strapped. To. Their. Heads. 
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