Five most obnoxious children of pop-stars

Judging by Jersey Shore alone, becoming famous isn't particularly difficult these days. Still, a leg-up is always welcome, and if your parents are already stars, you're pretty much guaranteed to at least get a chance to shine. Case in point, Willow Smith. Besides the fact we don't actually understand what the hell this song is about, we also know that one of pop-culture's best recipes for annoying comes in the form of children of famous people. You think Willow's the worst? Not even close.

5. Lil' Romeo

Lil' Romeo popped onto the scene after his father, Master P, signed him to his record label. The above song showcases exactly what's wrong with his music -- namely, everything. Of course, he's not just annoying because of his music career, it's partially based on his acting career as well, especially when he got his own Nickelodeon show. That would be enough, but then he had to go and have a disappointing career as a college basketball player as well. We'd say "don't quit your day job," but we're pretty certain Lil' Romeo has never had one.

4. Wolfgang Van Halen

Okay, Wolfgang Van Halen hasn't actually done anything particularly bad, but Eddie? It's a little more than fucked up that you have your son join the band. It's like forcing your kid to grow up and learn how to run the family gas station, except, ahem, with rock and roll. There's also the fact they're bound to play "Hot for Teacher" at some point, which is just weird.

3. Kelly Osbourne

At the moment, it seems like we're free from the music of Kelly Osbourne, since she seems to busy tending to her television career, but unfortunately, she's still around. A lot. Not only is she on TV all the time, but she's written a book and may or may not be still trying to hawk woman's fashions. Look, we'll love Ozzy no matter what he does, but Kelly? You ain't got shit on the Prince of Darkness.

2. Violent JJ

Son of ICP front man Violent J, Violent JJ is clearly the most frightening person on this list. Not because it's an absolutely terrible song, but because the very fact that Violent JJ exists means we may be stuck with Juggalos for a very, very long time. We kind of assumed they were bred in glass containers hidden away in the suburbs, but Violent JJ proves they can happen somewhat naturally in the real world.

1. Miley Cyrus

If we had to pick the most annoying songs of all time, the above Miley Cyrus track would certainly be included in the list. The most frightening thing about her isn't that she became a star, it's that she's still a star -- she's outlasted her father by a long shot. She's pretty much the queen of famous children because she's completely demolished her father's fame.

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