Five rules for making sure nobody reads your band's Twitter or Facebook

Rule No. 1: Invite me to everything.

I love your band -- I bought your cassette, even though I don't have a Walkman, and I bought your shirt, even though I'm getting to that age where band shirts fit me a bit like a corset, and I like your Facebook page.

What's missing? My iPhone isn't telling me that I have a Meeting With 70 Others At 7 PM Titled "HaRd RoCk RoDeO With KSLT FM 107.1 The SlutBuster @ The Drunkhaus" every night. Invite me to everything. Out-of-town shows, house shows, shows your friends are playing at, shows you know I am attending, shows that physicists posit must exist to account for the mass that appears to be missing from the universe.

Give them weird names, too. If I know who's playing and where without opening Facebook and scrolling down, you've already not-lost me.

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Dan Moore